Forever on Alert

Scene in Gravity Sketch, Effects in Tilt Brush, Video prefab

"Forever On Alert" was originally produced as a music-video for the band Call Me Cleo featuring projection-mapping onto a 3D sculpture. The concept has been re-imagined for VR and AR platforms as part of the "Off The Wall" VR Challenge. The original sculpture has been recreated using kit-bashing in Gravitysketch and additional effects were applied with Tiltbrush. Projection-mapping is also included using the original music-video as a texture. The music is a sample and not the full track to avoid problems with long load times. Hopefully it shows some potential for artists and musicians to reach new audiences in VR/AR.

Originally from the UK with a background in theatre and visual arts, at Uni I got into VJing at student parties and realized audio/visual art and video were where my main interests lay. Cyberpunk novels, psychedelics and sci-fi films were a big influence which made working in VR one day an ultimate goal. Back in 2003 immersive video installations with old skool 3D red/green effects were as close as I could get to VR but since the Oculus Rift launched finally it seemed within reach. Off-The-Wall has been a great opportunity to finally dive-in explore the amazing potential of VR.

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