New World

Wall with Kingspray, Lion with Texture Kingspray, 3D elements Tilt Brush

The title „New World“ describes my journey as an artist to step into a totally new world of creating my art in VR. As I’m usually working in 2D only, i created an artwork in 2D which transforms itself into the World of Virtual Reality and comes to life. For me personally, it was very important to put not too much elements and effects of VR into my artwork as I wanted it to be very tradional in my style which I also Paint on walls in the real world.

Born 1985 in Aachen, I started with painting Graffiti, inspired by my brother Michael at the age of 12. As the most Graffiti artists I begun spraying my graffiti name on legal and illegal walls and trains. In 2006 i started to work fulltime as a graffiti artist doing a lot of commissioned works and sneaker customizer. I try to find as much time as possible to focus on painting canvas and murals. My paintings are affected by my childhood tv heroes and animals, as the are innocent beings
in a crazy and bright world influenced by humen culture.

#cokyone #streetart #graffiti #urbanart #lion #abstractart 
#lionpainting #funkycolours #firstvrartwork #artwork