Dancing Buddy

Wall in Kingspray, 3D Tags and big Cs in Gravity Sketch, Trabbi painted in Kingspray, effects in Tilt Brush, Prop : Trabbi

The artwork is based on my tag, the writer’s signature. it represents the urban lettering . letters are a central pillar of our communication. And a writer (graffiti writer) is continuously developing his own lettering / style. this journey never ends.

Michel «Cren» Pietsch, born in April 1970, grew up as the son of a Frenchwoman and a German in Lehrte near Hannover. Lettering is Cren’s great passion. It is the origin and until now the basis of his artistic work. Cren’s works invite the observer to question the first impression and to delve into it more intensively in order to let the letters become present and tangible. Today, Cren lives and works in Berlin.

#Urbanlettering #Handstyle #Crentertainment #Lütte 
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