Entire scene with Tilt Brush 

Rushing water, electric sounds and a mysterious glow in the dark… Vibrancy is a visit to another world. Immerse yourself and feel the energy!
Like all of Metraeda’s artworks, the dragon and the whole scene consist of triangles. In contrast to some of her strict geometric designs, this scene is flowing, the individual pieces forming into a single homogeneous overall view. 

Metraeda came in contact with street art through friends. Her motivation are the community approach, the idea of being creative, working together and inspiring each other on the one hand as well as making the whole world a little more colorful on the other hand. Furthermore, in her opinion street art is a good way to distribute messages, such as “say no to racism!".

The name Metraeda is a mixture of Tetraeder (a triangular pyramid) and geometry because she only uses geometrical forms, mostly triangles, to build her artworks. Each artwork is placed carefully to fit with the environment.

#vibrancy #dragon #glowing #mystery #magic 
#fantasy #energy #electric #jade #waterfall