Silvana Vásquez-Keller

The first step

 Tilt Brush, Frame from Poly, Figure posed in Gravity Sketch, Painting analog

As the title says, it's my first step into the VR. It shows the separation from the classical painting. However, no separation is easy, sometimes you have to free yourself first. But even if you´ve achieved your freedom, you don´t necessarily know what you can do with it. There is often a lack of awareness of the possibilities that are opening up now. This process is characterized by uncertainty. Like a child, one tries to discover, but often adult claims inhibit a naive discovery of the new possibilities. But then it´s just the first step.

Each journey begins with a first step. In this short time I wasn´t able to find a translation of my painting into the VR. My dream to create a synergy of painting, lyric and music hasn´t yet been fulfilled. However, I am very happy that I was allowed to take part in this challenge. It was very hard, exhausting and yet I learned a lot. In a very technical world, I have encountered a great deal of humanity. These are all experiences for which I am very grateful! Thank you, M.R., D.D. and S.V.!

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